BESDIA Ceramic Fiber Stones
BESDIA Ceramic Fiber Stones

The newest BESDIA® polishing fiber stones use special ceramic fibers combined with the unique bonding material and manufacturing process. Compare to the previous ceramic fiber stones we sold:

  • Our improvements in production processes give better tensile strength to ceramic fiber stones, hence fewer breakages.
  • The polishing efficiency of the newest polishing fiber stones increased from 10% to 20%.
  • Durability under the same working conditions has been increased by 10% to 30%.

Round Type

Stick Type

Grit Size #150 #180 #250 #320 #400 #700 #1000 #1200
Color code







Red Orange
Code P C O G B Y W R
Unit : mm
T x W x L (ØD x L) #150 #180 #250 #320 #400 #700 #1000 #1200
1 x 4 x 100 BSP-1004 BSC-1004 BSO-1004 BSG-1004 BSB-1004 BSY-1004 BSW-1004 BSR-1004
1 x 6 x 100 BSP-1006 BSC-1006 BSO-1006 BSG-1006 BSB-1006 BSY-1006 BSW-1006 BSR-1006
1 x 10 x 100 BSP-1010 BSC-1010 BSO-1010 BSG-1010 BSB-1010 BSY-1010 BSW-1010 BSR-1010
Ø3.0 x 100 BGP-30 BGC-30 BGO-30 BGG-30 BGB-30 BGY-30 BGW-30 BGR-30