Ceramic Diamond Fiber Stones
Ceramic Diamond Fiber Stones
  • The ordinary ceramic fiber stone is efficient only to lap its end side or edge, while the ceramic diamond stone works well with any sides.
  • In comparison to the resinous diamond stones, ceramic diamond stone is more aggressive in cutting rate, resist loading, and hardly broken.
  • Materials those are difficult to be ground by ordinary ceramic stone, now the ceramic diamond stone can provide a much better cut.
  • Ceramic diamond stone is ideal for lapping all kinds of harden steels, EDM surface, tungsten carbide, ceramics and glasses efficiently.
Unit : mm
  #200 #400 #600 #800
1 x 4 x 100 SDS-1042 SDS-1044 SDS-1046 SDS-1048
1 x 6 x 100 SDS-1062 SDS-1064 SDS-1066 SDS-1068
1 x 10 x 100 SDS-1102 SDS-1104 SDS-1106 SDS-1108
Ø3 x 100 SDG-302 SDG-304 SDG-306 SDG-308
  • In some special applications, ceramic CBN stones are also available, depend on your request.