AR-108 Single Function Practical Type Ultrasonic Lapping Machine
AR-108 Single Function Practical Type
  • Ultrasonic lapping function only.
  • The machine provides reliable quality and good performance.
  • Max. 40 watts output that satisfy various of polishing works.
  • It is not only effective for lapping task, but also good for correction of PCB patterns.
  • Attractive price would absolutely change your image of an expensive ultrasonic unit.
Power Controller
Main supply AC-90V ~ 250V, 50/60 Hz
Ultrasonic output 40 watts
Vibration frequency 18 ~ 25 kHz
Stroke amplitude 10 ~ 35 μm
Frequency adjustment auto-tracing
Power consumption 46 watts
Fuse 2A time-lag type
Output of DC motor None
Power of DC brush None
Power of DC brushless None
Dimensions 192 x 156 x 96mm
Weight 0.7 kg
Ultrasonic handpiece GS-H06
Dimensions Ø30 x 120mm
Weight 175g
Mold & Die Polish
Correction of Intricate area
Correction of PCB patterns
Attachment Handpiece for AR-108

AR-108 set include (Standard)
Ultrasonic Handpiece (GS-H06) Ø30x130mm
Power Cord 18AWG x3Cx180cm
Handpiece Cord 3Cx150cm
Wrench (HEX) HEX (62mm)
Handpiece Rest 110x50x35 mm
Tool Changing rack For 11mm Holder
Wrench 140mm (10/11)
Holder (Ø3.0mm) For Ø3mm shank Tool
Holder (1.0mm) For ceramic Fiber Stone (1.0mm)
Foot Switch Cord Length 150cm