Multi Point Diamond Dresser
Multi Point Diamond Dresser
  • Because smaller stones cost less per carat than a big one, so use a multi point dressers to replace a large single point dressers can reduce tool cost.
  • The burden of impact on tools is distributed over several points, they therefore wear more slowly and evenly, and seldom chip, burn or fail until they are used up.
  • Standard Shank size (mm):12D x 100L
Total stone weight Nos.of stone Nos.of stone layer Order no.
1.0 Carat 3 1 DM03201
1.0 Carat 5 1 DM05101
1.0 Carat 6 1 DM06101
1.4 Carat 7 1 DM07101
0.6 Carat 3 1 DM03101
  • When ordering, please specify order no.& shank size or detail drawing.