US-100 Swing Air Lappers
US-100 Swing Air Lappers
  • Side to side stroke.
  • Special design enable the easiest method of changing the consuming or worn out parts .
  • Ideal for filing lapping and polishing shallow surfaces, deep ribs and parting lines.
Stroke Air Pressure Weight Dimension
1.0 mm 90psi (6.2kg/cm2 ) 305g Ø28 x 205L (mm)
General Assembly
To upgrade performance and service life

In order to maintain the best state of pneumatic tools and extend their life, the need arises to connect three points in combination so as to achieve the purpose of filtering water vapor, controlling the intake air pressure and lubrication.

  • Before using pneumatic tools, be sure to confirm if there is enough oil in the oiler of the three point combination.
  • Set the intake air pressure of three point combination to be 90 psi (6.2 kg / cm2) as the mostsuitable condition of use.
  • Before using, please check if the water filter bottle of three point combination is full. If full,please discharge the water first.
  • Adjust the oil intake quantity of three point combination. We recommend about 2 CC everyminute (if used often).
  • During the holidays or when the pneumatic tools are not used for a long time, when you first turn them on, please raise the oil intake quantity of the three point combination to reach 4 CC per minute. In addition, when switching on pneumatic tools, it is better to keep them idle at lowspeed for 20-30 seconds, so that oil lubricates each part, and then adjust to normal speed.
  • Lubricant oil choice: Do not use thick lubricant oil. It is recommended to use circulation oil R32.