AP-200 Multiple Funtional Brush Rotary Power Controller
AP-200 Multiple Funtional Brush Rotary Power Controller

AP-200 is a more advanced Power Controller for hand piece with brush. That provide there different output functions: Normal, slow-start, and self torque compensation.

  • Overload Protection: The system will be shut down when an overload occurs to protect the controller and hand piece from damage.
  • Conventional On-Off pedal switch and Adjustable pedalswitch are optional.
Main supply AC-90V ~ 250V, 50/60 Hz
Power of DC brush 70 watt
Voltage output of DC brus 5 ~ 32V
Max Overload Current Protection 3A
Fuse 2A
Dimension 192 x 156 x 98mm (800g)
Features of Functions :
  • Normal Output ( N ): For use during typical operation
  • Slow Start ( S ):When switched to this mode,the system will control the RPM to the lowest speed when the hand piece is at idle and when the hand piece detect any object, the RPM will rise to the set speed. The main purpose of this function is to reduce the risk of having accident from happening during high RPM application. We can point at the work area more easily and precisely.
    This will reduce the chance of accidentally touching wrong spot. When working on subjects with uneven surfaces under this mode, can keep the hand piece at stable position more easily
  • Automatic torque Compensation ( IR ):When using any large diameter tools or low RPM tools , the RPM will be slowed down due to the friction.
    When IR mode is turned on, The system will compensate for the loss of speed to stabilize the RPM. When using normal tools , normal function is recommended.
Deburring Carving Polishing
AP-200 Handpiece ※Optional
  • All handpiece are Optional accessory, did not include in AP-200
Model No Specifications
U-Lap50 Rotary Handpiece ( DC Brush Type )
Speed : 40,000 rpm
Torque : 4.5 Ncm
Dimension : Ø29 x 153mm
Weight : 260g
Model No Specifications
U-Lap35 Rotary Handpiece ( DC Brush Type )
Speed : 35,000 rpm
Torque : 2.9 Ncm
Dimension : Ø29 x 152mm
Weight : 230g