AR-800 (P) Daul Function Micromotor Controller
AR-800 (P) Daul Function Micromotor Controller
  • High Performance micro processor design. Compatible for both brush and brushless motor hand Handpiece.
  • Maximum power for hand piece with brush is 150 watt and 250 watt for brushless motor hand piece, providing high torque and optimal polishing performance.
  • LED RPM display. The display can be adjusted to suit different tools and sizes to reflect the appropriate RPM information. A safe and efficient polishing is guaranteed.
  • During the use of hand piece with brush, the LED will display voltage, but it can also be converted to display RPM to promote safe and optimal performance operation.
  • Advanced high performance micro processor can passively detect the working condition of the hand piece during usage, precisely adjusting various hand piece output, RPM and torque compensation accordingly and monitor to maintain the performance at maximum. The protection circuit is also monitored to provide best protection.
Main supply AC-90V ~ 250V, 50/60 Hz
Power of DC brushless 250 watt
Speed of DC brushless 1,000~50,000 rpm
Power of DC brush 150 watt (VA)
Voltage output of DC brush 5 ~ 32V
Fuse 3.15A
Dimension 170 x 260 x 140mm (2.56kg)
Deburring Carving Polishing
AR-800 (P) Handpiece ※Optional
  • All handpiece are Optional accessory, did not include in AR-800 (P)
Model No. Specifications
U-Lap60 Rotary Handpiece ( DC Brushless Type )
Speed : 50,000 rpm
Torque : 7.8 Ncm
Dimension : Ø29 x 161mm
Weight : 250g
Model No Specifications
U-Lap50 Rotary Handpiece ( DC Brush Type )
Speed : 40,000 rpm
Torque : 4.5 Ncm
Dimension : Ø29 x 153mm
Weight : 260g
Model No Specifications
U-Lap35 Rotary Handpiece ( DC Brush Type )
Speed : 35,000 rpm
Torque : 2.9 Ncm
Dimension : Ø29 x 152mm
Weight : 230g